Dunovského Vila Houses


Replacing the inadequate buildings in Dunovského street, this project, currently under preparation, introduces the so-called cohousing approach, which is not yet widely used in the Czech Republic.

“Living in a community as well as other innovative forms of housing can be a good and adventurous way to live in a, at least partially, more sustainable way (even in the green, if the inhabitants of flats without their own gardens can share the courtyard) and to use the great potential offered by co-operating, helping and efficiently sharing space and resources.”

The villas are designed in accordance with modern cohousing trends, which are again gaining strength, and the very strong individualism is thus replaced by sharing and co-operation. Just as it was with the original building that stands in place right now. Collective living in the 1930s is thus replaced by its most up-to-date form.

In line with current trends, the proposal employees environmentally-friendly approach to the maximum extent possible.


  • Preserving the current greenery as much as possible as well as extending and renewing it.
  • Green extensive roofs on all buildings
  • Climbing plants on object façades.
  • Intensive greenery on the terraces.


Energy systems

  • Installation of solar panels
  • Recharging stations for electro vehicles
  • Use of heat pumps
  • Intelligent household management

Waste management

  • Composting bio-waste directly on site
  • Storage of rainwater for watering
  • Sorted waste directly in the house

The ground floor apartments are designed with front gardens, and in the middle of the courtyard, the garden is designed for joint activities that will not disturb anybody in the surrounding area. At the same time, the internal garden is well controllable from the terraces and the windows of the apartments, so there is no problem with having your playing children under control and calling them for lunch.

The garden is complemented with a common room, a toilet, a furniture storeroom, a composting space for grass and a place for washing bicycles, dogs and all that is needed.

The greenery in the garden, green roofs, solar panels and a lot of technology hidden inside. The project enters the current environment with the aim to improve it.

A reserved parking on the underground floor is a matter of course. In addition, parking places will be complemented with a charging station for electric cars.